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“What If?” by Wakil Matthews

What if when the pandemic crisis passes, we decide NOT to go back to "normal"?

A normal that has failed us miserably in this time of crisis.

A normal that is destroying our planet in a slow-motion crisis we've refused to acknowledge.

A normal that has marginalized, wounded, and deprived a huge number of our beloved siblings, both human and more-than-human.

A normal that increases and even encourages separation and divisiveness.

What if...

What if we realized we don't need to all drive into work or school - if working and learning from home is possible now, why not forever?

Traffic problems - solved. Carbon footprint - reduced.

What if we decided to minimize airline flights?

Another reduction of our carbon footprint.

What if we followed better sanitation practices - washing hands, self-quarantine when ill, cleaning surfaces?

Flu and other health care death and illness numbers reduced.

What if we all started paying close attention to the needs of our communities and our neighbors with the least resources?

Homelessness, isolation, and hunger addressed.

What if we reached out to our neighbors and communities across the street, or across the globe – regardless of political, religious, or other opinions and beliefs?

Unity, compassion, love as our guide.

What if we treated the earth as a part of ourselves and made all decisions on that basis instead of based on hoarding and exploiting?

Our sacred and beloved planet regenerated and sustained for the future.

What if...

Wakil David Matthews is a retired techie who is completing his Masters in Arts for Social Change at Starr King School for Ministry. He is also completing a Spiritual Direction certificate at the Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute. He lives on the lands of the Coast Salish people.

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