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“Viral Twilight” by Vicki Joy McClure

Updated: May 10, 2020

Viral twilight of dark night

Solitary, aimless, absent presence.

This unfamiliar familiar dusky predicament when

Time stands still, but comes to pass, intruding.

The world in me gets sent to its room.

Time out. Slow down. Lament.

Count the cost. Mourn the loss. Reset.

Apologize. Make amends.

Fearful, desolate, exhausted.

Uneasy and Waiting.

Sole-full and soul-full.

Leaning like a rag-doll on a high and dusty shelf.

Yearning, but with no capacity to relate

To those or that which anchored before.

Building blocks of me no more significant now

Than strangers named in ancient phone books.

But One. The Leading Edge. Birthing, creating, dawning

From void and chaos and anguish and dark. Here

In evenings and mornings, seasons, years, and ages.

Coaxing me to observe the hazy absence ‘til

Something emerges from it.

—Vicki Joy McClure, Covid isolation week 8, May 1, 2020

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