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“Apocalypse” by Antoinette Voûte Roeder

As the world cringed

was besieged more and more

by biblical firestorms and plagues

the four horsemen

of the Apocalypse

galloped randomly through

her dreams while she

was filled with desire

to make amends:

to awaken old friendships

that had been dropped

like so many stitches

off a needle

leaving unexplained holes

like wounds in the work.

Each time it arose,

this niggling feeling,

she would repeat

the history of each

relationship and conclude

again that it was lost,

not to be rescued,

better left

where it had been cast

into the shadows

long ago. The end of the world

might occur and perhaps

that’s what it would take

to melt or mend

these errant connections,

these disparate souls.

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